NUDURA ICF versus Timber Frame

Jul 07, 2015

Now you can build a NUDURA ICF home for a cost that's comparable to timber frame - or maybe less. What's even better, for the same deal on price, your NUDURA ICF home offers you even more:


Energy efficiency: NUDURA ICF structures optimize energy performance
through U-values that meet and exceed Passivhaus/Code for Sustainable
Homes; saving building owners up to 70% in energy costs.

Speed of build: With NUDURA, six building steps are completed all at
once: saving up to 60% on labour and 25% time on site for a shell finish.

Acoustic performance: NUDURA ICF is an effective sound barrier,
offering superior building comfort with a Sound Reduction Index of 51.

Strength: NUDURA ICFs are ideal for both complex and curved structures
and the same system can be used for below and above grade walls.

Fire resistance: NUDURA ICF delivers a fire protection rating of up to four

Disaster resistance: NUDURA ICF is inherently resistant to whatever
Mother Nature brings.

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